Hey parents!

Have you hit your pandemic parenting wall? 


Are you just waiting for this all to end?


Are you concerned about the mental health of the children in your lives?


We have something to help...


Big Heart Backpack:

Meditation to get your family  through the pandemic!

Giving your kids (and you!) the tools you need to move mindfully through the pandemic!

Your family's guide to bringing meditation into your lives through short daily videos, audio, and hands-on activities that will leave you with tools to help you and your kids feel calm and carefree (no matter what's happening in the world!)









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According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (2020), more than half (59%) of parents surveyed report that since COVID-19 their children have experienced behavioural changes including outbursts, or extreme irritability to drastic changes in mood, behaviour or personality and difficulty sleeping as well as persistent sadness. 

Can you relate to these feelings?


Will Covid ever end?

How do I explain another cancelled birthday, holiday etc? These conversations cause a lot of stress in our house.

It breaks my heart not being able to answer my kid about when they can see family members and friends again. 

I lie in bed at night and think...how long can I keep this up? How long will this go on?


How do I calm my child down when they are afraid of getting sick or having someone in our family get sick when I'm worried too?

I'm getting a lot of questions about death (more than I ever have before) 

My child honestly just seems scared about so many things. Germs, touching people. It's good, but I worry it's too much.  What long term effects  will this have on their mental health?


My child has spent so much time alone- I worry they might forget how to be normal around other humans once we go back to regular life?!

I feel like I have less friend support and less hands on family support; I'm constantly asked about playdates and sleepovers.

I'm worried about winter coming....less outside playdates = more isolation.


I can't always tell what’s wrong with my kid these days- they get upset about the smallest things. It’s just a LOT of meltdowns all the time.

I feel like my kid is generally much more irritable and anxious with nowhere to turn.  

I’m worried my kids' anxiety is affecting their sleep. They are refusing to go to bed and are waking up at night.  

I cannot with all the new ever-changing rules. How do I explain rules without making them scared? 

I lie awake at night and worry about literally everything. 

What do you say we reclaim your ENERGY, POWER and HAPPINESS!

Let’s end this year by filling your kid's backpack with important life skills that are not taught in school! The things that are the MOST important after a year like this: resilience, connection and emotional tools that will stay with them long after the pandemic ends.

“The best way to help kids cope with crisis is to teach them to recognize, understand and manage their emotions… teaching kids about their feelings and the feelings of others can help alleviate children’s emotional stress, improve concentration, boost immune systems and enhance brain development.”

-Denise Daniels, parenting and children development expert specializing in the social/emotional development of children

Your child is more: 


Building resilience in children helps them to overcome obstacles more easily and reduces the chances of them suffering from anxiety or other stress-related disorders.


Confident children believe in themselves and are able to face new challenges without fear- essential for a happy and fulfilling life.


(to themselves and you!)

Connection makes children feel important. When you tune into your children, it gives them the message that they matter, that they are important, that they are loved, that they are worth your time… and therefore connection increases children's self-esteem


Self-regulation is a key building block for nearly every aspect of a child’s development, learning and growth.

Whatever you think meditation is, throw it out the window!

in 30 days we are going to RE-INVENT MEDITATION and provide you with FUN, QUICK and  powerful techniques to CONNECT your family,  transform your child's ability to self-regulate AND get YOUR power back from 2020 so you can be confident that (despite the weirdness of this year) you have given your children tools  to  be CALM and CONTENT within CHAOS!

My name is Taes. (Tess)

I have worked in the Children’s Entertainment Industry performing, writing and creating content for 15 years as “Splash’N Boots”

I love kids. I am so lucky to get to work with them everyday (pre-covid I was travelling and performing up to 200 shows a year....!)

I love creating ways for kids to feel safe, able to express their feelings and really stand up in the world and be fully themselves. 

For a while, despite the fact that I had a GREAT life, I was really struggling with emotional overload. I feel things very deeply (always have, aways will!)  but I was just sitting in my feelings with no constructive ways to move through them. I found myself often very anxious and not sleeping. Not to mention, I was doing everything in the world for everyone else and in burn out mode. (can you relate??)

I hit a low point and decided I should give this meditation business a try.  I'll be the first to admit....I did not like it one bit. I was sure I was doing it wrong because I couldn't stop thinking- I used to say "meditation is just not my thing" (so funny to think about now!!)  I was on a trip and decided to try doing an audio meditation as I was walking on the beach and something clicked for me. The combination of the movement and the focus really stopped my mind from thinking about anything else. So I started adding meditation into my daily routines- while I walk, brush my teeth, wash dishes. All of these are moments when you can be meditating!   I now do not go out my door without my morning meditation routine.  Not to mention, I don't remember the last time I laid in bed and worried at night.  I got very very excited about the impact we can have if we teach kids mindfulness and meditation at a young age....

So I dove deep into studying mindfulness and early childhood development. I became obsessed with taking these concepts and changing them into a language that would resonate with children. 

The Big Heart Journey was born and I am just so excited to spend time with your kids and give them a toolkit of ways to move through their emotions so that they can grow up and lead big powerful lives! 



(screen time has never been so healthy!)












(for your kids)

These daily videos will provide your kids with ROUTINE. By simply watching these videos, you will see their anxiety levels decrease. That is the power of meditation!

There are short, interactive meditation and mindfulness based videos, created to connect kids to themselves and to you and to start the day off right (best served with breakfast)!



(for you!)

Let’s take a hot minute for you! A minute to connect to YOUR HEART and to talk about how YOU are going to help your kid connect to theirs! These videos are all about supporting you, not only on your parenting journey, but also, on your own big heart journey (I get that you are busy... that’s why all videos are between 3-8 minutes long)!


(for the whole family)

Get crafty! Printables to connect to feelings (and each other)

Can also be used in classrooms!


(for the whole family!)

The best part: our Big Heart Community. Weekly coaching and zoom sessions. This is a chance for your kids to connect to other kids and for you to find support in our  community. We have done several Big Heart Live and Zoom sessions since the beginning of the pandemic, and trust me when I say: this is an event that will make the whole family feel happy and connected.



(for the whole family!)

Corresponding Audio Meditation Library to support the daily videos!


(for your kids!)

Access to a library of Big Heart Bedtime stories...easy bedtimes and happy dreams start here. 

  • Healthy ways for the whole family to express, balance, and  regulate emotions
  • Less worry and anxiety
  • More connection to self and each other 
  • Practical tools to build resilience
  • Easier bedtimes
  • MORE FUN (even when it's a "not" fun situation!)
  • Less meltdowns
  • More focus!

Are you ready to start YOUR Big Heart Journey?!

It's time to grab your family, buckle up- and take 2020 up a few notches. Let's get your power back and finally figure out what all this meditation hype is all about. 

I can't wait to see you in there!

Let's do it!!

I'm so excited to get to know you and your kids! We get rolling on Monday, November 30th!


End of 2020 special= $7 per day:

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special = $7 per day:
3 payments of $49

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special:

A perfect holiday gift!

November 30 - December 20, 2020

Gift The Big Heart Backpack course  to a family you love, especially if they could use some extra support this holiday season. 

This is a gift that will bring hours of happiness and have a life-long impact on the children (and their caregivers) in your lives!
Once purchased, you will be emailed a gift certificate and information on how they can sign up.


Make your payment today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of Big Heart Backpack and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, big heart promise! (email: [email protected])

"I worry, am I doing the “right” things to raise empowered, independent and resilient girls? Pandemic life exacerbates my fears. It’s been difficult juggling my career, “teaching” my daughter grade 1, while keeping my 4 year-old occupied, balancing all the things left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I was crying, losing sleep and my patience with my kids (more than I care to admit) when I found Taes’ meditations. I knew something had to change. We started the meditations morning and night. This routine has changed my relationship with my kids. We talk more about feelings and have an easier time working through things together"
- Sonya, single mama to two girls, 7 & 4
“When I first heard about The Big Heart Journey I was skeptical. Kids don’t sit still for ANYTHING, especially not meditations. BUT we were hooked the minute we started. The material is unlike anything I’ve tried before (trust me, I’ve tried SO MANY THINGS). Taes talks about the BIG stuff (we recently lost our family dog and I swear the only thing that got my kids through this was the meditation from Taes). Her material speaks for itself. She has experience with kids and knows exactly what to do to help them move through anything. Her voice is calming and her meditations are moving, fun and inspiring. Not only did my kids feel safe and loved- but I felt it too! I recommend this program to every parent on the planet”
- Jenny, mom to 3 busy boys, 4, 8, 10
“As a school principal struggling with HOW to help my teachers and their students adjust to the new realities ahead, when I heard about this program I knew it had everything I needed to support my staff and most importantly the students. I can’t wait to get started”
- Josh, school principal, no kids, just students
“As an elementary teacher I cannot think of a better way to help my students transition/adjust to the new realities of corona-classroom life. I’ve followed The Big Heart Journey since Taes launched the program and have experienced first-hand the impact of her work. I’m so excited to begin this new journey. Every teacher should bring this into their daily routine”
- Kelly, grade three teacher, mom to two teenage boys