Research-backed, mental wellness and resilience practices, translated (and specifically designed) for kids and their caregivers.


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The Big Heart Journey is a movement of heart-centered parents, caregivers, teachers and leaders who are committed to helping our younger generation talk about & learn positive ways to move through their feelings.

We provide tools to help you teach your children skills and strategies that will empower them to manage their emotions, practice mindfulness, and lead a happier life.

I consider myself a bit of a "Big Feeling Expert"......

(expert because I have a lot of them!)

For the last 15 years I have created television and stage content for children as the 'Boots' half of "Splash'N Boots"

Being 'Boots' is a dream job for me.

  • I get to spend every day with kids 

  • I get to travel the world doing thousands of concerts, meeting thousands of families. 

  • I have had the opportunity to film and perform with hugely inspirational people:  "The Wiggles",  "Sharon and Bram" and "Fred Penner"

  • We won a Juno award "Children's Album of the Year"

  • We wrote and produced an episode for Sesame Street. (P is for Palaeontologist!)

  • We wrote a song with Alice Cooper!

  • ......but the best part is always the kids: Their hugs, Their smiles, Their giggles,  hearing what they have to say. I just love them so much.

So, as I was living this dream “work” life, I was also doing everything for everyone except for myself and I was running on empty. 

I found myself having lots of anxious, not-sleeping nights and lots of BIG FEELINGS. 

  • To be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with big feelings. But at the time, I was a victim to them,  instead of DOING things to move through them, I let them have power over my day.

When I finally made the choice to DO something, I started making meditation part of my everyday life

(tbh i hate it...I was sure I was the worlds worst meditator) but I stuck with it and what really shifted for me is that I got my power back.

My journey into Mindfulness and Meditation showed me that I get to choose how I feel rather than spending my time in anxious, stressed-out land! 

But it's more than that.

I started living life differently.

I started adding meditation and mindfulness into every moment. changed my life so much that I want to share it with everyone.

I got so excited to share this way of living with kids, with families that I created The Big Heart Journey. 

This is our one life.

Let's live it with more ease, more love and more joy. 

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Hi, I'm Taes! (Tess)

Random fact: My full name is actually Taesnine (Tess-neen) which means 'she who holds out her hand to others' which perfectly describes my mission in life!

I don't know about you but
I'm REALLY tired of this Corona business
getting so much power in the world.

I want you to lead a powerful life.

but sitting here, talking and waiting and
stressing and watching numbers rise is getting old.

→ Would you like to learn how to be calm
no matter what is happening in the world?

Are you ready to show your kids how to handle
life when it 
doesn't go the way you want it to? 

For 15 years, I have done concerts for families as half of the children's music duo Splash ’N Boots. We’ve been privileged to write and record our own television show, make a segment for Sesame Street, and perform with so many amazing people like The Wiggles and even Alice Cooper! But out of all this, my favorite part has always been the meet and greet at our shows - because it’s taught me so much about kids and their feelings.


“Taes is truly iconic, a new age Mr. Rogers. Her material for children will touch your heart in ways few people can.

Ty Wenzel, Owner & Creator of Dreamy Kid App


I'm passionate about working with children to help them learn about themselves and their feelings.

I believe the number one thing that holds people back in life is not knowing what to do with their feelings, letting them build up and then they come out in destructive ways.  

In school, we teach kids math and geography - but not mental health! That truly seems backward to me. After all, we know that if our kids don't have a baseline awareness of WHO they are and WHY they react in specific ways to big feelings, then all of the book smarts are useless.

My background in children’s entertainment, (I know what kids like!) combined with developmental psychology & mindfulness practices has led to the creation of the Big Heart Journey. (approved by paediatricians and psychologists!)

I love kids & I believe it is never too early to start learning about feelings.

The Big Heart Journey will help build your kids’ resilience, boost their confidence, reduce anxiety, and strengthen their relationships. 

 I know I wish I had learned this stuff as a kid! 

If you are a heart-centered parent, care-giver or teacher, who is tired of living in a culture where feelings are ignored and covered up, you are in the right place. 

If you’re feeling like it’s time to help your kids learn practical strategies to empower them through this Big Heart Journey called life, I want to invite you to officially join our Big Heart Family.

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Dr. Julia Sen

psychologist, speaker, author

"As a psychologist who helps parents navigate the parenting journey, I am always searching for people and resources to also help their children learn to navigate life. Seeing Taes in action amazed me. She teaches mindfulness and meditation practices to children in ways that mesmerize them and her commitment to helping children learn to understand and work with their emotions is unparalleled. She is a brilliant, creative, and incredible human.  She is a gift to our families."



for your kids (and you!)

Carefree, Confident and Calm kids start here.

You are a Big Heart Family, 

and this is the beginning of your 

Big Heart Journey. 

The most powerful & life-changing meditation & mindfulness program available for kids & their caregivers!  


"The Big Heart Journey has changed how Miley deals with big feelings. It's just incredible the difference I have seen in her self-regulation since we started this program. It's brought us closer as a family."


-Michelle Callighan, Big Heart Mom to Miley


"The Big Heart Journey has given Anjali language to express how she is feeling. It's helped her connect with her heart, and with me."


-Maria K, Big Heart Mom to Anjali

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“I feel joy every time I do a Big Heart Meditation. No other program has brought me so much happiness and togetherness- the group was so helpful”

- Rhona, (lives in the UK and has a huge heart)

“The Big Heart Journey has given us the opportunity to talk about the big feelings as they are starting (so that they don't grow into meltdowns!)” ”

- Alicia Creaser. Big Heart mom to Waves

“You moved something inside of me, gave me chills and made me cry. The Big Heart Journey allowed me to release that vulnerability that I usually keep to myself.”

- Sarah, (after listening to a Big Heart Parent Meditation)

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Mindfulness and Meditation for families with children whose superpower is Autism. Created in collaboration with Autism Canada with the goal of bridging your communication gaps, growing superpowers, and opening emotional conversations. This is a powerful course designed to get to know your kids on new levels and connect families deeply. 




Death is an important and difficult part of our Big Heart Journey and I'm here to help. In this course we create connection, community and rituals. We use mindfulness and meditation to understand and be with all our feelings and to remember the people and pets who die always live in our hearts. 

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