for your kids (and you!)

Carefree, Confident and Calm kids start here.

You are a Big Heart Family, 

and this is the beginning of your 

Big Heart Journey. 

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We equip children and their caregivers with the skills they need to navigate life's big feelings.

Resiliency practices, based on science, with a strong foundation of fun!

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Life is a journey.  Filled with many, many big feelings. We believe that the most important thing you can teach a child is how to navigate these feelings.  


Worry Monster Tool Kit

Help your child through anxiety and worry with this fun & empowering bedtime ritual. 

Video + Craft + Bedtime routine

Free Worry Monster Toolkit

 The Big Heart Journey provides kids with a hidden superpower. Supporting them to step into their highest potential & their happiest selves.

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I don't know about you but
I'm REALLY tired of this Corona business
getting so much power in the world.

I want you to lead a powerful life.

but sitting here, talking and waiting and
stressing and watching numbers rise is getting old.

→ Would you like to learn how to be calm
no matter what is happening in the world?

Are you ready to show your kids how to handle
life when it 
doesn't go the way you want it to? 

But my favourite part has always been meeting the kids after a show:

When the pandemic hit, I was flooded with emails from parents asking me to help their kids with their big feelings.  Locked down and inspired, I dove into creating on-line programs for both kids and their caregivers. I was determined to carve out safe spaces where children could freely express themselves and, most importantly, arm themselves with tools to navigate their emotions. 

This process made me realize the tremendous need for such spaces.

My aim? To take everything I'd learned from my own mental health journey; therapy, mindfulness, and meditation, and combine it with my years of experience creating television and stage content for kids.

I am on a mission to shake up how we look at children's mental health. We need to prioritize this work.  No more waiting for “problems” to come up- let’s arm kids with the essential skills upfront!

Kids' feelings matter. Their hearts matter. One adult simply taking the time to really learn their heart can change their world.

Through our frameworks, language and programming, we have helped thousands of children and their caregivers  express emotions in healthy ways, while staying connected, heart-centered and having FUN.

Together, we can raise a generation of resilient Big Heart Kids who grow up knowing who they are and how to navigate life's big feelings with courage and a whole lotta heart. 💛

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for your kids (and you!)

Carefree, Confident and Calm kids start here.

You are a Big Heart Family, 

and this is the beginning of your 

Big Heart Journey. 

The most powerful & life-changing meditation & mindfulness program available for kids & their caregivers!  

Our mission is to help kids to grow up with a strong foundation in "how-to-be-a-happy-human!" 

→ How to make healthy decisions & set boundaries.

→ What to do when you are sad and anxious and mad.

→ What to do when people don't like you. 

→ Navigating loss & failure and not getting what you want.

→ Staying kind & connected to yourself and others. 

→ Having the courage to share who you are and how you feel (even when it feels hard!)  

We are committed to providing a safe place for kids and their caregivers to come together to learn these essential life skills. 




Join us for  Super School

Get on our waitlist for our bi-annual 7 week virtual class. Kids leave with a new language for their feelings + new hands on skills to navigate them. (not to mention a community of other Big Heart Kids).

Starts April 2023

When a child feels genuinely seen and valued, it has a calming effect on their nervous system, opening the door to receptivity, curiosity, and the ability to navigate their emotions effectively.