Give your kids the CONFIDENCE
they need to THRIVE this year without meltdowns, tantrums, or anxiety! 

A SUPER-FUN coping skills program to help your kids become resilient
and learn how to celebrate their big feelings!


We Start October 18th!

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 Kids come with a whole lotta feelings… and no guidebook about what to do with them!


Hey there mama, dad, guardian, superhero,  awesome giver of snacks and hugs…I see you.

A LOT is going on right now…and you’re kinda overwhelmed juggling kids, work, school, extracurriculars, eating right, and oh yeah, what about your kid's MENTAL HEALTH (and your own!?!?).

RAISE YOUR HAND if you’re like the rest of us and you’re:

Trying to figure out how to help your kid SURVIVE the school year (new teachers, new friends, new fears…)
So completely done with the amount of screaming & meltdowns in your house
OR with how shut down and withdrawn your kids have become…it’s scary

And maybe you're:

  • Worried about how your kid goes completely overboard over the (seemingly) smallest things
  • Soothing and comforting your SCARED, ANXIOUS kid (covid, anyone?)
  • Struggling to get your kids to sleep - AND stay asleep (oh, and maybe grab a few winks yourself!)
  • Trying to help them navigate loss and anger, but feeling a little lost yourself
  • Wishing you could wave a magic wand and take away that loneliness they’re feeling
  • Constantly asking your kid to open up and tell you how they feel, but no luck
  • Feeling all that parent guilt about not having enough TIME to help your kids work through life and their big feelings…


I want you to know I hear you,
and you are


You CAN get more of those super-connected, loving moments!

Isn’t that what every family wants? Those magical times where you’re thinking to yourself…

"OMG, let this last just a little longer…good job there, kiddo!... I’m so in love with these amazing kids…why isn’t it always like this…”


  • Snuggling up for a bedtime story and REALLY hearing about their day
  • Knowing your kid is confident in their awesomeness AND in how much they are loved
  • Moving through the day with a calmer, more peaceful kid who can talk to you when things get tough (‘cause they always do, and that’s ok!)
  • Feeling like you’re actually making time for the important things they need to learn, like dealing with their feelings!
  • Not being fully on guard 24/7 (because your kid can handle things!) and taking a bit of me time

"How you deal with the emotional lives of your children has the greatest predictive power over your child's future happiness" 

“Parents face many issues on a daily basis in the raising of kids, but not all of them affect how their children turn out. There is one that does. How you deal with the emotional lives of your children—your ability to detect, react to, promote, and provide instruction about emotional regulation—has the greatest predictive power over your child’s future happiness.”

John Medina,
Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five


That's why I’m jumping up and down on my tippy-toes here because I’m SO THRILLED to introduce…

The Big Feelings Ninja School 

Video Poster Image

'cause who doesn’t want to go to NINJA SCHOOL?!?!

The Big Feelings Ninja School is a 6-week, super-fun coping skills program for kids to become confident, resilient,
“big-feeling” Ninjas using unique, mindfulness-based techniques.

At the end of only 6 weeks your kid will be able to:

  • Feel CONFIDENT in their awesomeness…and in how much they are loved!

  •  Have really cool language (secret ninja stuff) to actually TALK about their feelings!

  •  Let go of things they can’t control and stop the Worry-Monster

  •  Stop explosions and meltdowns before they start and use their words instead

  •  Lose the fear of trying new things and step into their own strength, ninja-style!

  •  Work through feelings of loss with real-life skills they’ll make use of for a lifetime

  •  Become a BIG FEELINGS NINJA (with a super-cool Ninja Certificate to prove it!)

Help your kids move smoothly through their emotions - ninja-style - with fewer meltdowns and more loving connections!


 “I love that my family could start and end our day together talking about our feelings and focusing on being present. For my 3-year-old to be able to name his feelings and discuss “feeling soup” (more than one emotion at a time) is life-changing! For my 8 year old she was able to use words and activities to share her feelings which really helped to reduce her anxiety.”

-Megan Boast,
Big Heart Mom


 It’s for your kids!
(But it’s also for you…).


Every week for 6 weeks, your kids can join me, Taes Leavitt (aka ‘Boots’ from Splash'N Boots), for a 1-hour SUPER-FUN online session. I promise they won’t want it to end!

We’ll learn Ninja-Moves (AKA coping skills) to use in those Big Feeling moments, one new Ninja-Move each week.

PLUS - every week, I’ll send your kid on a super-stealth Ninja-Mission to use one of their new skills out in the wild. 


When they report back, they’ll get their badge for that week so we can all celebrate their success!

At the end of the 6-weeks, we’ll have a big-ole DANCE PARTY to celebrate, AND they’ll get their Big Feelings Ninja Certificate.

Will they learn critical coping skills and have a fantastic amount of fun at the same time?

Check and check.

Give me all the deets, Taes...

Absolutely! Our Ninja School sessions are every Tuesday at 5:30pm ET starting Tuesday the 18th, and run for 6 weeks.  Can’t make it then, but you REALLY want to be a ninja? Send an email to: [email protected], and let me know - if we have enough demand I will add in a second class!

What’s Inside
The Big Feelings Ninja School?

6 Weekly 1-Hour LIVE Ninja Classes With Me, Taes Leavitt!

Weekly Ninja Missions to master new coping skills out in the real world

Weekly Big Feelings Ninja Printables to follow along and remember the skills

Ninja Vault of Stories, Movement, and Mindfulness Videos to watch on-demand, with new ones added weekly

Big Feelings Ninja Audio Meditations - a new one to listen to each week

Private Facebook Community for Parents (and kids!) who want to connect and share

PLUS - These Totally Zen Ninja Bonuses!


2 Parent Ninja Sessions!

We’ll kick this party off with a private Parents-Only Session where I’ll go over the whole program so you can easily follow along with your amazing kid as they glide through the Ninja Moves. Then, we’ll do a wrap-up Parents-Only meeting at the end to give you a place to debrief, share your stories, and access resources for ongoing support!


Parent Ninja Worksheets!

Get parent journaling worksheets and prompts to follow along the journey and notice the changes in your kid - you’ll know exactly week by week what’s going on in the program so you’re PREPARED (a Ninja is always prepared!) and AGILE (ditto!).


Bonus Week Dance Party Wrap-Up!

You didn’t think we’d end Ninja School without a totally stealth (Ninja-style) EXTRA bonus week Dance Party, did you? I didn’t think so. If you know me, you KNOW I love to get everyone moving, and this Dance Party is going to be epic fun, a celebration of all we’ve learned along the way, and we might even break out some Ninja DANCE moves. Just sayin’

But maybe it’s time I introduced myself…

Hi friends, I’m Taes! (Tess) 

Random fact: My full name is Taesnine (Tess-neen) which means 'she who holds out her hand to others', which perfectly describes my mission in life!

For 18 years, I have done concerts for families as half of Splash ’N Boots. We’ve been privileged to write and record our own television show, make a segment for Sesame Street, and perform with so many amazing people like The Wiggles and even Alice Cooper! But out of all this, my favorite part has always been the meet and greet at our shows - because it’s taught me so much about kids and their feelings.

In The Big Heart Journey and The Big Feelings Ninja School, we CELEBRATE big feelings and WANT kids to express them and get them out of their bodies. Because if they don't get the feelings out, they’ll stay in, get bigger, and come out later.

Big Feelings ALWAYS come out later. . 

As adults, it’s up to us to give kids the skills they need to understand their big feelings and their big reactions to feelings.

We need to teach kids that THEY get to decide what their life looks like, and this feels so exciting to me because I can see the long-term impact on their lives.

In school, we teach kids math and chemistry and geography - but not mental health! That truly seems backward to me. After all, we know that if our kids don't have a baseline awareness of WHO they are and WHY they react in specific ways to big feelings, then all of the book smarts are useless.

So how do we teach this mindfulness, this emotional intelligence, these life skills to kids? The key is adding FUN into it. You know, if you start to look at it, everything is a little bit ridiculous. Life should be fun, and feelings are a BIG part of life.

Bringing lightness to something that can feel scary and overwhelming is how we teach our Big Heart Kids the confidence and resilience they need to move through life when things get tough.

I know I wish I had learned this stuff as a kid!

If you’re feeling like it’s time to help your kids learn about this Big Heart Journey called life, I hope you join me in the Big Feelings Ninja school, and we can take that journey together!

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Being a Big Feelings Ninja is not just about creating resilience in your kid - it’s about FAMILY.

Big feelings can bring us closer together, and how your kid handles feelings is directly connected to how YOU handle feelings. This program can help you get to know your kids in NEW ways. My goal is to have you feel closer to your kids, be more aware of who they are, and have some tools to pull out when they have those Big Feelings.

Take Me To My People!

Why Become A Big Feelings Ninja?

Get Unheard-Of Access!

Joining Ninja School means the opportunity to spend real, in-the-moment time with me once a week, including on-the-spot coaching and real-time interaction. The reality is, people do pay the big bucks to have me perform all over the world…but I’m SO HAPPY to have this private group opportunity to bond with YOU!

Learn within a GROUP of kids - it makes all the difference!

When kids learn and talk about feelings together in a group, they actually learn faster, feel more understood, and process their feelings better because they have support & understanding from their peers. They feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It’s *almost* like a group therapy session…but shhhhh…don’t tell your kids.

There’s Nothing Else Like This!

No one else is teaching about feelings like this - this is NOT boring mindfulness classes or zone-out yoga! We are doing active learning with movement, FUN, and real outside-of-the-box strategies for moving through feelings. Your kids will LOVE it!

Your kids will be EXCITED to learn!

C’mon…who doesn’t want to go to NINJA SCHOOL with TAES! I’m gonna break out ALL those years of entertainment experience to make darn sure your kids are having fun, moving, celebrating, and feeling great just being themselves.

Yaaaas Taes - Let’s Go!

So just exactly what happens inside
The Big Feelings Ninja School? 
Here’s all the Ninja Moves You’ll Learn!


Week 1 

Listen and pause before you react

Let’s explore! What does it mean to be a Big Feelings Ninja? What are the Heart Suits? We’ll talk about how to be Heart-Powered and Heart-Adapt to become a Big Heart Kid.

  • Discover the Ninja Moves you’ll be exploring each week
  • Understand the different Heart Suits - and which ones YOU wear
  • Learn this week’s Ninja Move: The Heart Freeze
  • Get amped up for this week’s Ninja Mission and access all the resources available
Week 2

Get those feelings out of your body using WORDS

This week we’ll explore Ninja Heart Suit #1 - The Hidden Heart! Understand why and when you’re holding your feelings in and what that feels like.

  • Learn this week’s NINJA MOVE - The Heart Check: it helps you check in throughout the day and get better at sharing your feelings
  • Learn some pretty awesome language to talk about how you feel
  • Discover the magic of SPACE…listening to what you need to give yourself
Week 3 

Change your body to change your mind

This week we talk about understanding when you are avoiding your feelings and how to use the Ninja Move to combat that.

  • Learn this week’s NINJA MOVE - The Feeling Flip
  • Talk about when we’ve avoided feelings in the past and what happens
  • Create a list of Feeling Flips we can use in our day-to-day lives
Week 4

Learn to stop going down the worry hole

Let’s work on understanding when we’re caught in a worry loop, what that means, and what we can do about it!

  • Learn this week’s NINJA MOVE - The Heart Roll
  • Understand why we worry, how it feels, and how to create a state change (the science of changing our bodies to change our minds)
  • Let’s have a Worry Party! We’ll make up our own breathing techniques to move through worries.
Week 5

Feel the meltdown and move through it

This week we’re working on recognizing when we’re about to have a Reactor Core moment (a huge meltdown!).

  • Learn this week’s NINJA MOVE - The Big Feeling Chop
  • What does it feel like when our feelings are so big we explode, and how do we feel afterward?
  • How can we take the big feeling of an explosion and use it for GOOD with our Big Heart Explosion Ninja move?
Week 6

Goodbye "not-good-enough" and Hello Love!

This week we’ll talk about what it’s like to not feel good enough and why and how to move through that feeling and shower ourselves with love!

  • Learn this week’s NINJA MOVE - The Sneaky Hug & The Heart Curl
  • Recognize when you are feeling not great about yourself and how you can flip that feeling around
  • Create affirmations and share all the times we’ve been strong and capable!


We’ve made it - let’s celebrate! Every Ninja School deserves a big send-off, a dance party to remember, with a special Ninja twist! We’ll strut our stuff, bounce, wiggle, sing and dance, and make sure we break out ALL the ridiculous dance moves. ‘Nuff said!

Here’s a recap of everything you get inside
Big Feelings Ninja School!

6 Weekly 1-Hour LIVE Ninja Classes With Taes Leavitt!


2 Private Parent-Only Ninja Classes

Kids Weekly Ninja Missions To Complete

Kids Weekly Big Feelings Ninja Printables

Parents Journaling Worksheets and Prompts

Weekly Big Feelings Ninja Audio Meditations

Ninja-Vault of On-Demand Videos

Replays and Recordings of ALL Live Classes in the Vault!

Private Facebook Community

Big Feelings Ninja Certificate To Show The World

A Forever Experience That Will Change Your Kid’s Life!

Give Your Kid The Gift Of Confidence


big feelings ninja school

We Start October 18th,

Tuesdays, 5:30 pm ET

2 Payment Options To Get Started:

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2 Easy Payments of $147

Price includes the whole family!


Pay In Full


Save $47!

Price includes the whole family!


Ninja School Waits for No One!

But seriously, I’m only offering The Big Feelings Ninja School a few times per year because of my busy performance schedule. I can’t be everywhere! If you think NOW is the time to help your kid with their fears, anxiety, emotions, and confidence, please sign up! I only open the school when I am able to devote the time to it, and I can’t guarantee there will be space next time.

Join Me Inside Ninja School!

I Really Want You To Know This

If you’re on the fence, I can guarantee that Big Feelings Ninja School will help you feel closer to your kids. No, really! After working with literally thousands of kids over 18 years, I’ve seen it over and over again. Kids who are able to react to their emotions and understand themselves can express themselves better. And kids who can express themselves can allow you in, in a way that feels ah-maz-ing. Truly.

When you join us, you’ll be putting into place important learning moments, and even better, you’ll get an extended family, a COMMUNITY of families who believe in how important moving through big feelings is. A community that believes in guiding their kid's hearts to a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. If that feels like you, you’ve found your people!

Take Me To My People!



Let’s Break It Down Even More And Answer All Your Questions

Are you ready to become a Big Feeling Ninja?

  • 6 Weekly 1-Hour LIVE Ninja Classes With Taes Leavitt!
  • 1 BONUS Week DANCE PARTY class!
  • 2 Private Parent-Only Ninja Classes
  • Kids Weekly Ninja Missions To Complete
  • Kids Weekly Big Feelings Ninja Printables
  • Parents Journaling Worksheets and Prompts
  • Weekly Big Feelings Ninja Audio Meditations
  • Ninja-Vault of On-Demand Videos
  • Replays and Recordings of ALL Live Classes in the Vault!
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Big Feelings Ninja Certificate To Show The World
  • A Forever Experience That Will Change Your Kid’s Life!

big feelings ninja school

We Begin October 18th!

Tuesdays, 5:30 pm ET
2 Payment Options To Get Started:

Payment Plan


2 Easy Payments of $147


Pay In Full


Save $47!


Let me leave you with this one question.

How well do you really know the hearts of the kids in your life? Signa did a study in 2020 that discovered that fifty-four percent of American Adults feel as if no one knows them well. Over half of American adults feel like nobody knows them well. This is heartbreaking to me.

To change this statistic we need to start with the kids. We need to start with the kids we see everyday. We need to help them feel like someone really knows them well. Someone really cares about why they react in the ways they do, and spends the time getting to know all of the intricacies of their little hearts. Join me in Big Feelings Ninja School and let’s open all our hearts, together.

The cool thing about Ninjas is
they’re humans, not superheroes. 

Just like you and me. So that means we can ALL become Big Feelings Ninjas! I’m inviting you to take this Big Heart Journey with me, and let’s learn how to move through our big feelings gracefully, with agility (like NINJAS), and have fun while doing it!

You Can Get Started Right Here:

Payment Plan


2 Easy Payments of $147


Pay In Full


Save $47