My Resilient Kid!

 Your guide to learning your child's Big H.E.A.R.T Resiliency Type, and giving them the skills to bounce-back when life get's difficult!

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The Big Heart Journey

A first-of-its-kind mindfulness program for families




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Covid-19 taught us a lot about Resilience:

“We cannot underestimate the long-term effects that this pandemic will have, especially on the mental health and well-being of children and young people.”

-Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of 'Mind' 

Here's how 'The Big Heart Journey' can help: 


Here’s the science…

Latest research findings from a study at SickKids which includes over 2,700 participants between 2-18 years old, reveals that COVID-19 has had a serious, sustained negative impact on the mental health of Ontario children, youth and their families.

Welcome to your Big Heart Family.


You will always belong here. You will always be loved.

Hi, I'm Taes! (Tess)

My Mission Is:

To help your kids move through their big feelings with ease! (and a little bit of fun!!)

I believe that resiliency is the most important skill we can teach kids. How do they react when life falls apart? It's up to us, as adults, to model and teach that behaviour.

Every child is different, so if we want to help them become resilient we need to really get to know who they are and provide them with solutions that work for them. 

'My Resilient Kid' provides you with a new framework to understand your child's 'Resiliency Type' and give them the building blocks to take difficult life events and flip them, so they can walk out the other side with new life skills, saying WOW I MADE IT THROUGH.

I want to help you raise little superheros!

When life doesn't go the way they want it to (ie-pandemics!)they don't stay down they get UP!

I have spent my life making television and stage content for children.

Here are a few fun things I have done so far:

  • I’ve performed 900+ live concerts for families around the world and won 2X Juno Awards (Canadian Grammys) as “boots” from the Splash’N Boots duo
  • I’ve written and filmed 100+ episodes of our original TV show ‘The Big Yellow Boot’ that aired on Treehouse TV, Disney Junior, and Universal Kids.  
  • I’ve produced segments for Sesame Street & performed with “The Wiggles,” “Sharon & Bram” & “Fred Penner”

Between filming and travelling I had a very busy (sometimes high stress life!) and to be honest I wasn't doing anything to help myself through it.

And then I discovered mindfulness and meditation. I loved the idea of becoming calmer, more focused, and more joyful within my daily life.

But the thing is…

At first, I tried all the methods you’d see online - sit quietly, clear your mind...Clear my mind?! I just could NOT and I felt like I was failing at meditation. (HA!)

I got creative and started using mindfulness concepts in new, active ways, and eventually came around to traditional meditation practices.

It changed my stress levels and my ability to move through big feelings so dramatically that I decided I needed to create my own version of meditation for kids that instead involves song and dance, fun activities, and connecting with others!

I love taking big psychological concepts (and all those things we learn in self-help books!) and transforming them into easily-digestible, kid-friendly content.

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What parents are saying:

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“I really think the Big Heart Journey

needs to be for everybody.

It’s our happy vitamin. It’s our Vitamin D!

For children and families in a time like this 

it just makes everything better.”

-Tammi Mori, Big Heart Journey Member & Super Momma

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