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You do NOT get to take away our children's happiness and well-being. 

It's time to stand together in support of the children whose lives have been drastically affected by the past year.

Let's help our kids with their big they can focus on being  kids again. 

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“I really think the Big Heart Journey

needs to be for everybody.

It’s our happy vitamin. It’s our Vitamin D!

For children and families in a time like this 

it just makes everything better.”

-Tammi Mori, Big Heart Journey Member & Super Momma

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Kids come with a whole lot of feelings.


...and no guidebook about what to do with them!

So, we made one. 

The Big Heart Journey is your family's Big Feelings Guidebook.  A kid-friendly magical spin on mindfulness + meditation, this program is specifically designed to fill your kids' backpack with practical tools they can use to move through big feelings (not just now, but every day for the rest of their lives)

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Welcome to your Big Heart Family.


You will always belong here. You will always be loved.

The Big Heart Journey is for you if:

⛈️  You're constantly asking your child to open up and tell you how they feel.

⛈️  You're frustrated with the amount of screaming & meltdowns in your house. 

⛈️  Your child reacts in big ways to seemingly small events.

⛈️  You struggle to get your children to sleep and stay asleep.

⛈️  Your child struggles to express big feelings in productive ways.

⛈️  You're concerned there are things your child is NOT telling you.

⛈️  Your child struggles with loneliness, self esteem & confidence.

⛈️  Your children are arguing a lot.

⛈️  You're concerned about your child's lack of social interaction.

⛈️  You're overwhelmed, exhausted & looking for a more connected relationship with your family.

When your child can't sleep because they have the weight of the world on their little wish you could just crawl inside their minds, figure out whats upsetting them and make it go away.....

We get it & we've got you. 


Meet Taes!

(a.k.a "Boots" from Splash'N Boots)

After spending 15 years creating television and stage content for children and families (aired on Treehouse TV, Disney Jr. Universal Kids, Sesame Street) Taes has branched out and created a truly unique mindfulness and meditation program for families based on a deep love for children and desire to support their feelings, their hearts and help them grow into empowered, confident adults.  


For years, parents have asked me to help their kids with the feelings they are struggling with, whether their kid is being bullied, or they’re feeling frustrated, or sad … all the the big feelings. I've seen how hard it is for parents to watch their children struggle with their feelings, not knowing how to help. I always wanted to know how I could do more. 

Meditation and mindfulness made such a HUGE difference in my own ability to move through feelings and manage stress and anxiety, I got excited about making a program to teach kids how it could change their lives if they learned it early.

I just love kids so much. I want to help them feel empowered and excited about their lives. It breaks my heart to think about kids feeling alone and having nobody to talk to. I want to be that person for them.

I want kids in The Big Heart Journey to feel like no matter where they are or how dark things feel, they're never alone in those feelings.

I want them to always know that I am on their team, cheering them on, no matter what. I just want to be like a little heart on their shoulder whispering:

"You can do it. You've got this. You are not alone."

Our content is created to help your kids feel:

Loved, Supported & Empowered


Whatever is happening for your children: anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, trouble sleeping, disappointment, divorce, death.....through all of life's big feelings, we've got it, they will be supported here. 

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Do you know, (like really know) how your child is feeling?

The thing about feelings is sometimes it's hard to share them. We all know the feeling of having something to say but not quite knowing how to say it.

When we don't share feelings they find other ways to come out.

UNSHARED feelings come out in LOUD ways:

  •  meltdowns, outbursts
  •  screaming, hitting, defiance

or they come out SILENTLY:

  •  difficulty sleeping
  •  withdrawl & pushing away
  •  worry that spins out of control
  •  physical pain (stomach aches, headaches)

The Big Heart Journey helps you put strategies in place to make feeling talks easy, so that your kids:

1. Don't hold their feelings in and silently worry.

2. Have ACTIONABLE ways to move through them. 

In times of distress and uncertainty it's extra important to have strategies in place to make sure our kids are communicating exactly how they feel. 

Big Heart Families live lives with: 

More of those super loving, connected moments.

We believe the things that you will remember most in life are the smallest moments....the sound of your child's giggle, the feeling of their hand in yours, the sound of their voice when they tell you they love you.

We are excited for you to have more of those...and be fully present and grateful for them as they happen. 

We will help you learn the secrets inside your child's words left unsaid, no feelings left unshared. 

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Big Heart Families get:


COMMUNITY: Families with a BIG HEART mindset connecting through special events, morning dance parties, bedtime stories & private community.


SOLUTIONS: Access to The Big Heart Method for moving through feelings. Unique, outside-of-the-box mindfulness and meditation based techniques to move your kids through all their big feelings and big life events.


SUPPORT:  Emotional support for your children (and you!).  Live coaching,  live events, audio and video meditations and hands-on activities all created to ensure your children feel both supported and empowered. 

A Community for Children:

Our Big Heart Kids:

Learn to Manage Big Emotions

Inspiring kids who can emotionally regulate THEMSELVES. We take a deep dive into feelings; learning how to move through life's big feelings and express them in healthy ways.  

Experience Less Anxiety

Learn a formula for how to talk about and move through anxiety and feelings of worry and fear. This is important business that will help your kids their entire lives.

Feel More Confident in themselves

Here we will inspire your child's inner fire, building confidence, self-love and self-expression. Raising kids who BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!

A Community for Parents:


Whether you're a parent who hasn't done any mindfulness work (and you are sure meditation is 'not your thing') or you are a regular meditating guru, we have something to add a spark and lessen stress in your life.   

Inside "The Big Heart Journey" we provide you with practical (not time consuming) ways to add tiny bits of mindfulness into your day that will make a big difference in your daily stress levels while reducing your overwhelm. These bits of mindfulness will also help you learn to be more present & connected with your children. 

Our Big Heart Parents:

More thoughts from our Members:

Cheyenne feels confident and not alone anymore:

The Big Heart Journey has really changed my life and I think it will change yours too.  If you’re feeling down or really really stressed you can learn a lot with doing the Big Heart Journey. It's for anyone with all ages and all abilities. The Big Heart Journey made me feel really confident and that I am not alone. I especially liked all the breathing techniques. Whenever I feel upset I can always use these strategies and they will help me with these big emotions.”

- Cheyenne, 21 years old
(Autism is her superpower)

Addy learned how to talk about her feelings:

The Big Heart Journey has helped me because it has lots of different ways for many different types of people to talk about and express their feelings. Before the Big Heart Journey I was not the kind of person to do that and now I am really good at it and I have all of these special ways. Just knowing that there are other people out there who really get me, it just makes me forget about whatever bad happened in the week.”

- Addy, 8 Years Old

Meghan says it's LIFE CHANGING:

I love that my family could start and end our day together talking about our feelings and focusing on being present. For my 3 year old to be able to name his feelings and discuss “feeling soup” (more than one emotion at a time) is life changing! For my 8 year old she was able to use words and activities to share her feelings which really helped to reduce her anxiety.”

- Meghan Boast

Jenn loves more patience:

Since doing The Big Heart Journey there is more patience in our home. We are still doing count-it and heart breaths a month later and it’s just as successful.”

Jenn Dunn

Here's how it works: 

We're here for you, when you need it.

When the Big Feelings hit,

you have support & your kid has a friend.



(screen time has never been so healthy!)








Big Heart Journey Members Get:

  •  Complete access to “The Big Heart Journey” method of moving through feelings
  •  Weekly video heart hugs for your children.
  •  Big Heart Bedtime Meditations & Stories (LIVE and PRE-RECORDED)
  •  BIG HEART BOOK: Printables & Craft activities to support your child's Big Heart Learning.
  •  Video coaching for parents
  •  Big Heart Journaling for caregivers
  •  Access to exclusive facebook group
  •  Coaching within the group
  •  A support network of professionals
  •  Weekly Community events including morning dance parties, bedtime stories, special events for specific needs
  •  Monthly Video coaching calls for kids
  •  Monthly Video coaching calls for parents



(for your kids)

These daily videos will provide your kids with ROUTINE. By simply watching these videos, you will see their anxiety levels decrease. That is the power of meditation!

There are short, interactive meditation and mindfulness based videos, created to connect kids to themselves and to you and to start the day off right (best served with breakfast)!



(for you!)

Let’s take a hot minute for you! A minute to connect to YOUR HEART and to talk about how YOU are going to help your kid connect to theirs! These videos are all about supporting you, not only on your parenting journey, but also, on your own big heart journey (I get that you are busy... that’s why all videos are between 3-8 minutes long)!


(for the whole family)

Get crafty! Printables to connect to feelings (and each other)

Can also be used in classrooms!


(for the whole family!)

The best part: our Big Heart Community. Weekly coaching and zoom sessions. This is a chance for your kids to connect to other kids and for you to find support in our  community. We have done several Big Heart Live and Zoom sessions since the beginning of the pandemic, and trust me when I say: this is an event that will make the whole family feel happy and connected.



(for the whole family!)

Corresponding Audio Meditation Library to support the daily videos!


(for your kids!)

Access to a library of Big Heart Bedtime stories...easy bedtimes and happy dreams start here. 

  • Healthy ways for the whole family to express, balance, and  regulate emotions
  • Less worry and anxiety
  • More connection to self and each other 
  • Practical tools to build resilience
  • Easier bedtimes
  • MORE FUN (even when it's a "not" fun situation!)
  • Less meltdowns
  • More focus!

Are you ready to start YOUR Big Heart Journey?!

It's time to grab your family, buckle up- and take 2020 up a few notches. Let's get your power back and finally figure out what all this meditation hype is all about. 

I can't wait to see you in there!

Let's do it!!

I'm so excited to get to know you and your kids! We get rolling on Monday, November 30th!


End of 2020 special= $7 per day:

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special = $7 per day:
3 payments of $49

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special:

A perfect holiday gift!

November 30 - December 20, 2020

Gift The Big Heart Backpack course  to a family you love, especially if they could use some extra support this holiday season. 

This is a gift that will bring hours of happiness and have a life-long impact on the children (and their caregivers) in your lives!
Once purchased, you will be emailed a gift certificate and information on how they can sign up.


Make your payment today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of Big Heart Backpack and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, big heart promise! (email: [email protected])

So, are you ready to be a Big Heart Family?

  •  Big Heart Families are committed to raising a mindful, joy-filled and empowered generation.
  •  Big Heart Families have an entire specialized language to talk about feelings...and they use it!
  •  Big Heart Families leave no feelings un-said. 
  •  Big Heart Families use mindfulness and meditation daily to connect to themselves and each other.
  •  Big Heart families know how to CHOOSE how they feel.  
  •  Big Heart Families know how to connect through disconnect.
  •  Big Heart Families know how to  laugh when things feel stressful.
  •  Big Heart Families are present to the beauty in every tiny moment.
  •  Big Heart Families are never alone with their feelings. 
  •  Big Heart Families lead Big lives filled with lots of Joy, Connection and Love. 


Covid is having a devastating effects on children's mental health, — effects a vaccine won't fix.

We have put together specialized programming to support children & families right now.  As adults and caregivers, we must stand together to support the children in our lives & help them move through their big feelings....

Together, let's help our kids be kids again!

I'm In!

Plus, if you sign up today you get free access to:

(only available to early members)

MOVING THROUGH FEAR THE BIG HEART WAY: How to support your kids through fear. 

MY BIG AUTISM JOURNEY: Created with Autism Canada, a workshop for families with kids on the spectrum. How meditation can help self-regulation and calm. 

BIG HEART TEACHERS: A special workshop for primary school teachers. How to add Meditation into your classroom!

FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT POP UP EVENTS: Put your feet up, parents, we have some special programming for you. Music + Life Chats + Support. Grab a beverage and join in our community. You will leave feeling relaxed and inspired.

The Big Heart Journey aims to support your children (and you) during all of life's big feeling moments, and right now we are are offering extra content to support families during the pandemic. Join today for a full schedule and links. 

We are so excited for you to join our family!

Try for one week, on us, to see if it's a good fit.

Opens March 1st!

Prepare yourself for some serious love & support! 

Monthly Big Heart Journey




Yearly Big Heart Journey





Want to create a better workplace for your employees'? Show your employees how much you value them by investing in their children. Support the health, happiness and well-being of your employee’s children with our specialized Big Heart Programming. We offer corporate deals and special opportunities for companies looking to cultivate a supportive work place culture.

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Our Big Heart Promise:

No child will be left out.

During this time of life it is essential that that we provide as many children as possible with mindfulness skills, with support and with community. 

In the face of a global pandemic let’s come together and take a stand for our children's mental health.

→ If you want to sponsor a family, contact us, your gift will make a huge difference in the life of a child. 

→ If you are a wellness practitioner and  want to be involved in this movement we want families to have what you offer.  Contact us to apply.

→ If you are a family who cannot afford the monthly payment, contact us. No questions asked. You are our family.

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