"A bedtime routine goes beyond just promoting better sleep; it supports various aspects of a childs development and overall well-being:

including language development, , literacy, child emotional and behavioral regulation,, language development, parent–child attachment, , and family functioning."

-American Academy of Pediatrics



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“I really think the Big Heart Journey

needs to be for everybody.

It’s our happy vitamin. It’s our Vitamin D!

For children and families in a time like this 

it just makes everything better.”

-Tammi Mori, Big Heart Journey Member & Super Momma

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Big Heart Bedtime aims to create mindfulness routines for parents & children to connect to eachother before sleep.


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Hi, I'm Taes! (Tess) 

I have spent my life creating television and stage content for children as 2X Juno Award winning family music group, Splash'N Boots.











In Big Heart Bedtime my mission is to provide a safe space where kids can share their feelings, feel connected,share gratitude, and snuggle up in bed, knowing they are safe  &loved.   💕

Big Heart Bedtime is a collection of 8 mindfulness based  bedtime routines each with their own craft & printable 💕


Each bedtime routine comes with it's own video or audio for kids PLUS a screen-free option. 💤

Your child will love💕

👋 Waving goodbye to worries with their very own "Worry Monster"
💫 Discovering the magic of positive affirmations.
🙏 Learning the art of saying THANK YOU for the best moments of their day.
☺️ Talking to a trusted friend about any big feelings that might disrupt their sleep.

Join us in providing children with a quiet and nurturing space before bed—a place to express their feelings, connect with their hearts, practice gratitude, and experience a deep sense of safety and love. 💕

Limited-time offer: 

Receive a special bonus of 6 classic bedtime stories read by Taes!




 ✔️  10 Bedtime Videos

✔️  3 Screen Free Bedtime Audio

✔️  Calming Printables 

BONUS: 6 Classic Bedtime Stories + Meditations read by Taes!

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Welcome to your Big Heart Family.


You will always belong here. You will always be loved.