Are you ready to start YOUR Big Heart Journey?!

It's time to grab your family, buckle up- and take 2020 up a few notches. Let's get your power back and finally figure out what all this meditation hype is all about. 

I can't wait to see you in there!

Let's do it!!

I'm so excited to get to know you and your kids! We get rolling on Monday, November 30th!


End of 2020 special= $7 per day:

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special = $7 per day:
3 payments of $49

Per Family/Classroom

November 30 - December 20, 2020

  • Daily Videos  - Kids
  • Daily Coaching Videos - Adults
  • Creative PDF Downloads
  • Exclusive supportive Community
  • Weekly Big Heart Coaching Zoom Sessions
  • Library of Heart Hug Meditations


  • Library of Bedtime story & Meditation videos


End of 2020 special:

A perfect holiday gift!

November 30 - December 20, 2020

Gift The Big Heart Backpack course  to a family you love, especially if they could use some extra support this holiday season. 

This is a gift that will bring hours of happiness and have a life-long impact on the children (and their caregivers) in your lives!
Once purchased, you will be emailed a gift certificate and information on how they can sign up.


Make your payment today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of Big Heart Backpack and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, big heart promise! (email: [email protected])


Reclaim happiness, calm & connection with 10 short-and-sweet modules for you, 10 for your kids, PLUS printables! 

I know you have a million and one things to do which is why these videos are short, to the point and  packed with practical (and fun) strategies and  simple takeaways.

✔ resilience & emotional regulation

✔ how to talk about big feelings

✔ how to find their own calm space

✔ PLUS help YOU feel sane and confident that you know what to do when the Big Feelings hit....

✔  Content available on APP, phone, smart pad, TV, computer...whenever you need it, we've got you!

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$147 $67

Get-me-to-the-end-the-pandemic-special! ($67!)

 âœ”️  10 Short, effective Video Modules for Parents

✔️  25 + Active Videos for kids

✔️ Available on App (wherever you need them!)

✔️  49+ Printable Worksheets & Activities (Kids)

✔️  Big H.E.A.R.T. Resilience Type Printables for Parents and Teachers 

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Money Back Guarantee:

I am committed to your children and I want this to work for your family.  If it doesn't, I offer a full money back guarantee on the product for 7 days. Simply email us. No questions asked!

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What's Inside:

Module 1: Resilience 101

Let's do a deep dive into that (super important) resilience business. 

For Caregivers:

✔️ Learn our signature H.E.A.R.T model of resilience types.

✔️ Discover your child's resilience type!

✔️ You’ll learn to understand how your child handles stress so that you can support them in ways that actually work.

✔️ Get the 101 on how to support your kid even when it feels like you’ve got nothing left to give (because I know you’re tired and frustrated and emotionally on burn-out).

✔️ This knowledge will help you connect with your child in new ways to cultivate a deeper connection.

Module 2: Big Heart Method

Learn the foundation of my principles.

✔️ I let you in on the (top secret) foundations of how to be a Big Heart Family. (you’re pretty much a secret agent now).

✔️ Learn my signature Big Heart Journey strategies you can bust out whenever and wherever you need them to move from chaos to calm. (yes, bust)

Module 3: Let's Talk About it!

 Let’s get into the not-so-complicated business of talking about feelings.

✔️  Help your kid express themselves with my kid-tested and expert developed feelings vocabulary (I use lingo that works for kids)! 

✔️ Easy ways to open up communication so no feeling is left un-said.

✔️ No more wondering how your child is feeling! Actually though. No more wondering. All the talking!

For Kids: 

  •  Cloudy Thoughts VS. Sunny Thoughts
  •  Awkward Camp

Module 4: Meltdown Moments (BIG FEELINGS!)

Reclaim your parenting power so you can own any big feeling moment like the boss that you are!

For Caregivers:

✔️  I teach you how to channel your inner Zen and show you how to NOT jump into those meltdowns (you’ll be calmer than Mr.Rogers,  overcoming those meltdowns with calm, cool energy)

✔️  Learn my signature BANANA Method for meltdowns (yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds...and yet very effective!)

✔️  Learn to CONNECT through DISCONNECT 

For Kids:

  •  Banana Breath (find your calm!)
  •  Big Heart Breath (find it even more!)
  •  Count-It Game for BIG FEELINGS

Module 5: Big Reactions...Small Events

What is ACTUALLY going on here? Because let’s be honest, the spaghetti that was just thrown all over your floor isn’t really the problem...

For Caregivers:

✔️ Find out exactly what to do and say to get to the heart of what's actually happening and tune into your child's needs. 

✔️ I help you make sense of what’s really going on in your kids brain when these moments hit.

✔️ Learn questions you can ask that won’t result in more spaghetti on the floor, but instead lead you to the heart of what’s ACTUALLY going on.

For Kids:

  •  DETECTIVE: Learn my Heart Hug game to get to the bottom of those big feelings! (in a fun way!)

Module 6: All Things Anxiety

The Pandemic has brought up a lot of those anxious feels and I’ve got what your kids need to flip out of those feelings (Like...when they don't want you to leave...but you have to. Goodbyes don’t have to be hard)!

For Caregivers:
✔️ Let's talk about the DO's & DON'T's when it comes to anxiety

✔️ Get ahead of those painful goodbye moments (you know like at school drop-offs) with my quick tricks you can use before you even walk out the door.
✔️ Finally feel like YOU are in control  again so the goodbyes and goodnights are painless for you and your kid.
✔️ Discover hands-on strategies to move through the sad feelings your kid has because they are missing their best friend (or whoever they are missing).

✔️ Learn new powerful ways to confront those I miss feelings, to prevent you from jumping into that dark-hole of despair with your kids (because we know you’re missing people too!)

For Kids:

  •  Heartstrings (A craft to help with those miss-you moments)
  •  Big Heart Breath
  •  Fearless Squirrel
  •  Strong Tree
  •  Big Heart Room

Module 7: The Worry Monster

I know.. those worry feelings are cramping your style, affecting sleep and your sanity. 

✔️ I’ll show you exactly what to do when those worry feelings take over.

✔️ Learn strategies to support your kid, without causing more fear (this is really helpful when we are faced with uncertainty).

✔️ Learn a step-by-step process to have honest heart-to-heart talks with your kid about all their big worried feelings.

For Kids: 

  • Make your own WORRY MONSTER (and feed them all your worries!)

Module 8: Frustration

On-line learning, cancelled parties, and lack of social interaction can combine and combust to create a hurricane of frustrated feelings.

For Caregivers:
✔️ I’ll teach you the number one solution to combat those intense moments of frustration!
✔️ Discover why you don’t need to spend any more time stuck in those frustrated feels with your kid.

For Kids:

  • Three (FUN) things you can do to bust through those frustrated feels.

Module 9: My Big Sad Heart

When the sad feelings hit (because they will) I’ve got you!

For Caregivers:

✔️  Learn the power of hugs with my channel-a-hug-technique

✔️ Discover how to show up for your kid meaningfully, without falling into the ‘I just want to fix it’, mindset when those sad feelings hit

For Kids: 

  • It's ok to be sad.

Module 10: Bedtime, The Big Heart Way

I love bedtime routines because sleep keeps us happy (and sane). I know exactly what your kids need to feel safe, loved and SLEEPY.

For Caregivers:
✔️ Learn the Bedtime Do’s and Don’ts.
✔️ Discover the bedtime alarm technique and why you need it in your life this hot minute!
✔️ Routines, Meditations, Music...I've got you
✔️ I teach you our step-by-step bedtime routine for happy dreams...
For Kids:

  • I Am Safe, I Am Loved
  • Big Grateful Heart

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