Pandemic Parenting Reset!

Learn the Big H.E.A.R.T. Method:

The secret to gaining a deeper understanding of your child’s big feelings so you can help them develop resilience and find their own happiness. 

(no matter what is happening in the world!)

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 What if you could hand your kids feelings over to someone else to help for a hot minute!?

The Big Heart Journey

A first-of-its-kind mindfulness program for families




Welcome to your Big Heart Family!

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Seriously, though.

We are done with this pandemic affecting our kids mental health. 

Check out this short video to see exactly what 'The Big Heart Journey' can do for you. 


“We cannot underestimate the long-term effects that this pandemic will have, especially on the mental health and well-being of children and young people.”

(Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of 'Mind' ) 

Let's just say it like it is:

Parenting through the pandemic pushed you to the EDGE!




It feels like parenting through this pandemic almost killed you....I get it (and I want to help).

You are genuinely concerned about the impact this pandemic will have on your child's mental health....I get that too (and quite honestly, the scariest part of the pandemic is its impact on our collective mental health).


There is always time to press RESET.


✔  Replace
 anxiety & fear with calm

✔  Feel empowered, not exhausted 

✔  Eliminate loneliness & feelings of isolation (for both you and your kids)

✔  Feel energized, not overwhelmed 

✔  Eliminate power struggles to find connection

✔  Raise happy, resilient & calm kids

✔  Own your parenting confidence

Sounds like a Dream Come True!

'Pandemic Parenting Reset' will fill your life with:

Welcome to your Big Heart Family.


You will always belong here. You will always be loved.

“I really think the Big Heart Journey

needs to be for everybody.

It’s our happy vitamin. It’s our Vitamin D!

For children and families in a time like this 

it just makes everything better.”

-Tammi Mori, Big Heart Journey Member & Super Momma

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This is what is possible: 

 ✔️ Parenting confidence. Learn to OWN your parenting journey.

 ✔️  Support for: Anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, trouble sleeping.

✔️   Practical, EASY guidance & strategies to help your kids with their Big Feelings.

✔️   No more Dr. Google. Support for both you and your kids.

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In 'The Big Heart Journey,' we learn emotional tools that will support your children their entire lives. 

Teach us the tools!

Think of me as your kids 'Big Feeling Coach'

(Taes a.k.a  "Boots" from 2X Juno-Award Winners Splash'N Boots)

For 15+ years I have dedicated my career to the creation of television and stage content for children and families (aired on Treehouse TV, Disney Jr. Universal Kids, Sesame Street). Over the last 5+ years I have devoted my time to studying meditation/mindfulness and dance. 

I created " The Big Heart Journey", to help kids understand, express, and process their big feelings, in fun & productive ways. My work is grounded in a deep love for children and desire to support their feelings, their hearts  and help them grow into empowered, confident adults.  

I am really excited to have  consulted with leading experts, child psychologists and development specialists to create Pandemic Parenting Reset. In this program you'll learn my model for resilience! (basically learning what your child needs during big-feeling moments)

As part of the Big Heart Journey membership, I host experts for monthly Q&A's, to answer all your immediate parenting concerns and questions.

A little re-cap for you: 

Number ONE important point:


You made it this far. You woke up this morning. You are here.

You deserve an award for what you have done over the past year...and now you can take a deep breath because,

you don't have to do it alone anymore!


Big Heart Families:

✔️ Know EXACTLY what to do when Big Feelings hit...(connect through disconnect)

Big Heart Families:

✔️ Meet meltdowns with a calm zen-like energy....and have a whole backpack of unconventional (sometimes funny) ways to help move through Big Feelings.

Big Heart Families:

✔️ Raise resilient, happy, emotionally regulated kids...who are into leading lives filled with JOY no matter WHAT is happening!


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